What to do with it when you're done with it
Select the item you want to dispose of.

Step 1: Your Community is

South Frontenac Township



  • #2, #4, #5, & #6, rigid plastic/foam containers, clean plant pots & trays, hangers taken off & bundled separately
  • #3 or #7, motor oil containers, plastic toys, cereal/cracker box liners, plastic food wraps, meat/cheese packaging, diapers, zipper storage bags, gift wrap, water softener bags, pet food bags, cell packs, clamshells

*Look for the recycling symbol usually found on the bottom of containers.


  • Clean glass bottles/jars
  • Broken glass


  • Clean metal food/beverage Cans, clean aluminum trays/foil wrap
  • Paint or aerosol cans, metal pots or any other metal products

Bags and Packaging

  • Clean frozen vegetable bags, magazine/newspaper sleeves, grocery bags, clean milk bags, clean bread bags

*Place clean, dry plastic bags inside a grocery bag and tie shut. Place papers in an UNTIED grocery bag. Place beside your Blue Box



  • Newspapers, office papers, flyers, magazines, shredded paper in with newspapers, envelopes, hardcover books (covers removed), telephone books, paperbacks, catalogues

*Place in an UNTIED grocery bag or flatten & bundle with string or place inside another boxboard. Put beside or in Blue Box, not loose.


  • Cereal/cracker boxes, frozen food boxes, paper towel/toilet paper tubes, tetra packs, drink trays, milk/juice cartons, greeting cards, egg cartons, shoe boxes, detergent boxes.


  • Wax coated boxes, soiled pizza boxes, meat trays

*Remove staples/tape flatten & mp; tie into bundles no larger than 3’ x 2’ x 8” (Limit of two bundles per pickup), Do NOT put loose cardboard in your Blue Box


  • Styrofoam chips, meat trays

Contact Information

Solid Waste Services Division Engineering Services Department

Phone: 613-376-3900 ext. 4330 or 800-559-5862 ext. 4330
Web: www.township.southfrontenac.ca or www.cityofkingston.ca/residents/waste/recycling/blueboxes.asp

General Information

  • All recycle items must be clean and properly sorted or they may be left.
  • DO NOT bag Containers. If possible, flatten cans & plastic containers and place loosely inside Blue Box
  • South Frontenac residents may take excess or oversized recycling items to KARC, 1266 Lappans Lane, Kingston at no charge
  • We do not accept wood products

Helpful Hints

  • Set your Blue Box out before 7:00 am, pickup times may vary.
  • Check the Recycling Calendar on the reverse for your pickup schedule.
  • Composting along with recycling helps further reduce waste and saves tax dollars.
  • Composters are available for purchase at $30 each.
  • Need a Blue Box? New Home owners, your first is supplied at no cost! Each additional Blue Box is $6.