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Recycle your Glass - food bottles and jars

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Glass - food bottles and jars


Glass - food bottles and jars


Reuse for storing items at home.

Otherwise, recycle as Containers via the County blue box programme. Mason jars are accepted in the Blue Box, however, lids must be removed.

Liquor and wine bottles can be returned for refund through The Ontario Deposit Return Program at Beer stores (bagitback.ca).

If you have broken glass, do not place with your blue box recyclables or regular garbage. Please refer to the Broken Glass Recyclopedia entry for proper disposal instructions.

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Disposal Options

County Blue Box Programme - Containers
Service provided at no charge.



The Ontario Deposit Return Program
Accepts eligible wine, beer, spirit containers. includes glass bottles, bag-in-box, Tetra Pak containers, plastic bottles (PET), and aluminum and steel containers on which deposits have been charged.