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Recycle your Broken Glass

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Broken Glass


Broken Glass


If you have broken glass (i.e. broken windows/mirrors, glassware, bottles, etc.), do not place with your blue box recyclables or regular garbage. Broken glass must be treated as a “sharp” and disposed of in a special manner.

Follow the preparation and disposal procedure below:

1. Carefully wrap non-medical sharps in newspaper and place inside a cardboard box suitable for the quantity of material.
2. Seal the box and label it “SHARPS.”
3. Deliver the “Sharps” box to a County waste facility. (Urban and Erin & Guelph/Eramosa rural residents—please note that any “Sharps” box will not be collected curbside.)
4. Let the site attendant know that you have “non-medical sharps” and follow the directions for proper disposal. Fees apply.

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