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Ergo Equipment


Ergo Equipment


The Ergonomic Equipment Re-Use program is designed to allow UBC employees find and/or offer reusable office ergonomic equipment items via online, easy-to-use platform. The purpose of this program is to help the Departments/Units on campus to save money through avoiding costs associated with new purchases of office equipment items and prevent reusable UBC office ergonomic equipment from entering the landfill.

Examples of Ergonomic Office Items:

  • Office Chairs
  • Document Holder/ Booklifts
  • Footrests
  • Keyboard trays
  • Laptop stand (docking stations/stands)
  • Pointing Devices (Mouse Devices, Trackballs, Glidepads)
  • Wrist Rests / Forearm Supports
  • Keyboard/Mouse Platforms
  • Monitor Blocks
  • Mouse Deck
  • Anti-Glare Computer Screen

How This Program Works

Create an Account:

  • On the Welcome Page, under Sign In column click on “Register a New Account”. Fill in the information required and hit “Submit”
  • The account is now created; you will receive an email with further instructions to follow

Do you have a usable ergonomic office item that you would like to donate? (you can also create a “Wanted” listing following the same instructions below)

  • Go to Welcome Page, on the left hand side under “MEMBERS” column click on “Post a Listing”
  • Read the instructions under “Steps to create a new listing”
  • Under “Step 1” click on “Create an Available Listing”
  • Read/follow the instruction and fill in the required fields
  • Under the field “Category” choose “Ergonomic Equipment”
  • Complete the rest of the steps

Are you in need of an Ergonomic Office Item?

To look for an ergonomic office item follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Welcome Page, on the left hand side under “NAVIGATE” column click on “Browse Listings”
  • In the “Search For” field type the item you are looking for
  • In the “Type” field select “Available”, or Wanted”, or “All”
  • Under “Category” field select “Ergonomic Equipment”
  • Select the Campus and hit browse

Create an Alert!

Alerts help to notify you if another member has posted an item that you need. Create an Alert to be notified once the item(s) you are looking for has been posted by another member. An email notification will be sent to you as soon as items are posted under Ergonomic Equipment category.

To Create an Alert:

  • Go to “My Account”
  • Click on “Alerts” tab
  • On the right hand side of screen, click on “Add New Alert”
  • Under “Category” field choose “Ergonomic Equipment”
  • For “Type” chose “All” or Available”
  • hit “Create”

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