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Recycle your Fluorescent Lamps/Bulbs

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Fluorescent Lamps/Bulbs


Fluorescent Lamps/Bulbs


The Ocean County Northern & Southern Recycling Centers accepts 4-foot, 6-foot and 8-foot fluorescent lamps as well as u-shaped, circular and compact fluorescents. Residents can drop off a maximum of five bulbs or lamps at the County's Recycling Centers. There is no cost to drop off the bulbs after which they will be recycled.

Broken fluorescent lamps are not accepted. Click here http://www.epa.gov/cflcleanup to view the Environmental Protection Agency's guidelines for proper and safe steps to take in order to cleanup and dispose of broken fluorescent bulbs.

The drop off at the County's Recycling Centers is for residents only. Fluorescent lamps/bulbs are also accepted during the County's Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program. Also check with your local public works yard to see if they are accepted.

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