What to do with it when you're done with it
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Recycle your Needles,syringes

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Place used needles and syringes in a coffee can with a lid or a plastic bottle with a top. When full, tape lid/top shut and label as "needles" and discard in your trash. Do not place can or bottle in with your recyclables container.

You can check with local hospitals to see if they have programs to collect used needles and syringes. There is also the Sharps Disposal by Mail System, a container system, government approved return by mail system. http://www.sharpsinc.com or call 1-800-772-5657 You can also contact the Ocean County Health Department at 732-341-9700 or go to http://www.ochd.org/sharps-disposal for more information. Also contact the NJ state department of health http://www.state.nj.us/health/ceohs/documents/safe_syringe_disposal.pdf or call 609-984-6620

Check with your local pharmacists to see if they have information on the BLUE NEEDLE BOX PROGRAM.

Disposal Options

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Phone: 609-984-6620