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Recycle your Appliances (large)

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Appliances (large)


Appliances (large)


Most towns require a scheduled pickup of large appliances such as stoves, washers, dryers, water heaters, refrigerators and air conditioners. Municipalities and private haulers will not collect appliances containing Freon unless a receipt is presented from a certified appliance dealer that the Freon has been removed properly. Contact your local public works office for more information.

You may also try contacting a local scrap metal dealer (also see scrap metal recyclers in this exchange) listed below to see if they take these items:

Disposal Options

Beacon Scrap
Anything metal (no cars)

Phone: 732-462-0543

Brick Recycling
Anything Metal & Cars

Phone: 732-477-0880

New Jersey Clean Energy Program
Recycle your old refrigerator or freezer

Phone: 1-877-270-3520


Universal Recycling Center
Aluminum, ferrous & non-ferrous scrap, light iron

Phone: 732-349-0112