What to do with it when you're done with it
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Recycle your Cardboard

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Pizza Boxes: You should recycle the clean portion of your pizza boxes and toss the portions that have been contaminated by grease and food.

Other Clean Corrugated Cardboard: Many cardboard boxes are too large to fit in your green recycling cart. Whenever possible, fold, flatten or cut down the boxes and fit them in your cart. It is okay to have the boxes stick out of the top of the cart no more than 18” above the top. If you have too many boxes to fit in your cart and you cannot wait until your next collection, please tie them in bundles approximately 3’ by 3 ‘ and 6” high, and place the bundle under the lid of your recycling cart. If your bundled cardboard can’t fit under your cart lid, place next to your recycling cart.

You may also bring cardboard to the drop off sites.

Disposal Options

Drop Off Sites - Locations/Hours