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Recycle your Plant Pots and Trays

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Plant Pots and Trays


Plant Pots and Trays


Plastic flower containers and pots that your perennials and shrubs are sold in as well as the 4- and 6-cell paks, plastic trays or "flats" that you carry them home in, are now accepted in your blue box collection. Please be sure to clean them well before recycling. To save space in your blue box, stack similar types of pots and trays together. Do not include clay pots, ceramic planters or any plastic pot larger than 12" in diameter. Some local garden suppliers accept certain types of plant pots and trays and some Schools and Colleges may accept these for their Horticultural Department programs. In some municipalities the Communities In Bloom programs accept used pots and trays, and other gardening supplies. Call ahead to see if they can re-use your items.

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