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Junk Mail


It is estimated that over 143 billion pieces of junk mail are delivered to North Americans every year. That adds up to about 450 pieces for every man, woman and child. While all junk mail is now recyclable with your newspapers and magazines in local recycling programs, the best thing to do is stop it at the source. There are two types of junk mail: addressed and unaddressed.

You can stop a lot of addressed junk mail: contact Do Not Mail Service, c/o Canadian Marketing Association, 1 Concord Gate, Suite 607, North York, ON. M3C 3N6. Tell them you want to be removed from their master mailing list. Include your address, postal code and all the forms of your name that have appeared on your mail.

You can also register on-line for the "Do Not Mail/Do Not Call" program at the association's web site (www.cdma.org). It is also worth contacting Tele-Direct Publications, Inc., an arm of Bell Canada that earns money by selling lists of names, addresses and phone numbers to junk mail distributors. You can write them at 325 Milner Ave., Scarborough, ON. M1B 5S8 and ask to be removed from the lists they sell.

Most local distributors of unaddressed junk mail such as flyers, will respect a "No Junk Mail" sign on your mailbox. Recently, Canada Post, the largest distributor of junk mail, changed its policy of ignoring these signs, and they will now abide customers requests to refuse junk mail.

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