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Recycle your Paper and Paper Products

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Paper and Paper Products


Paper and Paper Products


There are many ways to re-use existing paper, or avoid using paper altogether. Use the blank side of one-sided paper before recycling it. Instead of paper towels or paper napkins, use cloth napkins, tea towels and dish cloths. Re-use envelopes by placing labels over the old addresses. Instead of paper lunch bags, use lunch boxes or reusable cloth bags. Think of imaginative alternatives to gift-wrap, like re-using colorful boxes, gift bags or fabric.

If you have to use paper, then buying recycled paper products "closes the loop" and helps maintain a healthy market for materials collected for recycling.

The Humane Society welcomes drop offs of newspapers for animal bedding or cleaning. Why not call your local veterinary clinic to see if they will too?

Fine paper, newspapers, phone books, magazines, catalogues, and paperback books can be recycled in your Blue Box or at recycling depots. Fine paper includes white and colored bond paper, photo copy paper, junk mail, flyers, greeting cards, envelopes, computer paper, glossy paper, bills, post-it notes, writing pad paper, faxes, carbonless forms and similar materials. Staples, paper clips, small amounts of tape and envelope windows don't have to be removed.

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