What to do with it when you're done with it
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Recycle your Appliances

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Kimco on John Counter Boulevard in Kingston accepts used appliances. Used fridges are free if they're not working, or $25.00 recycling fee if they work (i.e. have refrigerant). Contact Kimco at 613-544-1822 for more information.

Porter's Appliances in Lansdowne (613-659-4775) provides stickers for Landfill Sites in the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands. Phone for information on the cost.

It makes sense to buy good quality major appliances that will last for many years, and repair them when necessary to extend their life. Very often, the major expense in an appliance isn’t the cost to buy it, but rather the cost to operate it. Be sure to buy energy efficient appliances when possible. They will save you more money on your electricity bills over the long run.

Our area has many appliance repair businesses (check the Yellow Pages). Several locations also buy or accept trade-ins of used major appliances that are in working order or need minor repairs. Be sure to call ahead for details.

Fridges, stoves, freezers, washers, dryers, and dishwashers that are not worth repairing should be passed on to a scrap metal dealer rather than land-filled. Look under the category Scrap Metal for a list of local businesses that accept these products, including some that offer free pick-ups.

If you have to dispose of an old refrigerator, freezer or air conditioner, remember that the law in many jurisdictions requires that a certified person must remove the coolant and attach an official notice saying that this has been done. The coolant contains CFCs, which are extremely dangerous to the ozone layer if they escape into the atmosphere. Dealers who sell used fridges and freezers normally have the appropriate certification; they will charge a small fee for this service.

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