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Recycle your Motor Oil

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Motor Oil


Motor Oil


One gallon of motor oil can:

  • Create an oil slick on surface water up to eight acres in size
  • Contaminate one million gallons of freshwater. That is a year's supply of water for 50 people!
  • Render a four-acre area of soil unusable for planting for decades

Used motor oil is hazardous. It contains toxic impurities such as lead and cadmium, and can't be disposed of down the drain or in storm sewers. Used motor oil can be recycled into a product that is as good as new oil. It is cleaned, filtered and given new additives. Look for recycled oil at your service station.

In Canada each year, about 500 million litres can be recovered for reuse. However, currently only 200 million litres are actually being recovered. Retailers who sell motor oil must either accept used oil or provide a collection depot within 5 kilometers of their business. Deliver your used oil to your nearest oil retailer for reprocessing, or at one of the businesses shown below.

Oil Filters ARE recyclable also. Return them to point of purchase if possible.

Disposal Options

Billings Automotive Service

Phone: 613-342-4000

City A1 Radiator

Phone: 613-345-0311

Jake's Automotive Service

Phone: 613-342-2459

Mark's Union Tire & Stereo

Phone: 613-342-5973

Welburn Auto Service Ltd

Phone: 613-342-2167