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Recycle your Paints and Solvents

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Paints and Solvents


Paints and Solvents


Paints and solvent are among the more toxic products we have in our homes. Many paints contain heavy metals, such as cadmium. Oil-based paints and paint thinners contain chemicals that evaporate easily, giving off harmful fumes. When purchasing paint, try to buy only as much paint to do the job and if there is any leftovers, pass it on to someone else to use.

In BC, there are over 100 depots that accept leftover household paint and solvents for free and safe disposal. Contact the RCBC Recycling Hotline or visit www.productcare.org to find the nearest drop-off location.

Disposal Options

Recycling Council of BC
Recycling Hotline

Phone: (604) 732-9253