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Smoke Detectors


Smoke Detectors


The most common type of smoke detector contains a small amount of Americium 241, a radioactive material. For this reason all detectors must, by law, be labeled as to radioactive content. It is legal to disposal of old smoke detectors in landfills or incinerators, or you may return them to the manufacturer for disposal. Detector companies accept returned radioactive detectors for disposal as hazardous waste. Detectors have a limited life span, usually specified at ten years. Testing your detector with actual smoke is the only way to be sure it will work when needed. For more information call 800-323-9005 or 800-387-4219. Send detectors by surface mail or UPS Ground (so they don't end up in an airplane), labeled with the words For Disposal Only $0 Value. The vast majority of smoke detectors are made by First Alert Corporation. Look on the back for an address.

Disposal Options

First Alert Radioactive Waste Disposal
Smoke Detectors

Phone: (800) 323-9005


Smoke Detectors

Phone: (617) 252-3500

Walter Kidde
Smoke Detectors

Phone: (800) 880-6788