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Recycle your Arts and Crafts Supplies

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Arts and Crafts Supplies


Arts and Crafts Supplies


Some area organizations gladly accept excess or reusable supplies for their arts and crafts programs. ARC of Livingston 3075 East Grand River Howell MI 517-546-1228 Will accept art and craft supplies. Call first. Brighton Senior Center 850 Spencer Road Brighton MI 810-229-1464 Will accept art and craft supplies. Must be clean and usable. Livingston County Catholic Social Services 2020 E. Grand River, Ste. 103 Howell MI 517-545-5944 Accepts crayons, markers, and coloring books. Check with your local schools or daycares, senior centers, churches, and children's groups like cubscouts, or campfire girls to inquire about donations or needs for items not posted on Livingston Reuses! Exchange under Wanted. Some schools, children's groups, Associations for Community Living, and others "recycle" materials such as used greeting cards, Christmas cards, Birthday Cards, etc. for crafts or fundraising projects. Any crafters locally who "reuse" unusual items many of us normally dispose of, like bread wrappers, bottle caps, string, rubber bands, scrap cloth, etc. who wish to list their "recycled" creations on Livingston Reuses! Exchange can put them under our "Items Made with Recycled Materials" Category to sell and inspire others to REUSE materials. We are looking for any other places that accept these items for "reuse" in our community. Please contact us if you know of local groups that do.

Disposal Options

Howell Senior Center
Senior computer classes, crafts, activities, etc. Home Safety Loan Closet with beds, commodes, and other items available.

Phone: (517) 545-0219


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