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Recycle your Electronics

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A massive amount of electronic equipment was bought between 1970 and 2000 and it is just now coming to the end of its life. That has created a massive and growing e-waste problem for our communities. More basic information on e-waste here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-waste Various government jurisdictions are currently wrestling with HOW to achieve a better system for designing, building, using and then recycling these things. The trend is towards ensuring that they re built to have a long life, be repairable, and that it be designed to be recyclable in the first place. But that doesn t deal with the e-Waste that exists now. So what do you do with your e-Waste now? Reuse it, if you can. Put it on the material exchange website. Give it away to a school or charity. If it s not reusable, take it to Recycle Livingston, or ask a local electronics repair service if they reuse and recycle certain components. If you can t hold on to it, ask your municipality about what happens with your e-Waste. Hopefully they ll say that it goes into a certified e-Waste program such as that run by Recycle Livingston locally. And hope that they don t say we just sell it to the lowest bidder".

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