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Recycle your Computers and Electronics

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Computers and Electronics


Computers and Electronics


It takes about 500 pounds of oil to make a computer. Not to mention the physical or design labor. So buying and discarding a new computer every couple of years isn t a very sustainable thing to do. Better if we wring whatever life we can out of them, and then recycle them to the greatest extent possible. It s also important for manufacturers to construct them with this in mind. Reuse hardware - Often, when individuals and companies upgrade their systems, perfectly good hardware can end up in the dumpster. If you consider the energy and materials involved in making a hard drive, or motherboard, then saving them from being junked can make a serious contribution. Used computers can be either upgraded or repaired at many local computer stores (check the Yellow Pages under Computer Repairs) and other local Reuse Businesses or charities listed on Livingston Reuses. Certain computer stores and second-hand stores will either buy or sell on consignment or accept trade-ins on computers. Charities, shelters or schools may accept donations of certain computers. Computers can also be sold or bartered through newspaper ads, bulletin boards, web pages, listing services, through online material exchanges like our Livingston Reuses Exchange, and other methods. End-of-life computers are accepted at the Household Hazardous Waste Depots for recycling. Check with Livingston County's Solid Waste Department for safe disposal options or take electronic waste items to Recycle Livingston in Howell. Recycled computers should be dismantled at certified facilities that clear personal info from hard drives, protect workers from harmful chemicals and ensure high rates of parts reuse and/or recycling of materials.

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