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Recycle your Cardboard and Boxboard

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Cardboard and Boxboard


Cardboard and Boxboard


Corrugated cardboard (the kind with the rippled inner layer) and boxboard (the material cereal boxes are made of) are normally accepted in recycling programs. There is a good market for used cardboard. RECYCLE LIVINGSTON ACCEPTS CORRUGATED CARDBOARD AND BOXBOARD DROPPED-OFF. In some areas cardboard is collected with weekly blue box materials. CHECK WITH YOUR TRASH PICK-UP / CURBSIDE RECYCLING COMPANY TO BE SURE IT RECYCLES EACH TYPE OF CARDBOARD. Paper bags, brown envelopes, paper egg cartons and light weight boxboard tubes can also be included with cardboard or boxboard for recycling. Post Available or Wanted listings when you have excess packaging, or need boxes on our Livingston Reuses Exchange. We would appreciate any information on companies that rent Moving Boxes and Containers. Please contact us.

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