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Recycle your LIVINGSTON REUSES.COM ! - Free Listing Service

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LIVINGSTON REUSES.COM ! - Free Listing Service


LIVINGSTON REUSES.COM ! - Free Listing Service


YOU'RE HERE!! This website is our very own Livingston County Online REUSE Central to help others while helping the environment by diverting reusable materials from disposal in Michigan landfills! Did you know that nearly 64 MILLION Cubic Yards of waste was BURIED in Michigan landfills in 2005? Each cubic yard (l x w x h) is 27 cubic feet x 64 million = over 1.7 BILLION CUBIC FEET USED INDEFINITELY IN MICHIGAN FOR TOXIC LAND SPACE! We can help reduce, reuse, and recycle by "turning waste into resources" for a more sustainable future! That's the mission of Livingston Reuses.com! GLAD you're a part of the solution!! LIVINGSTON REUSES! WELCOME!! and ENJOY USING OUR FREE SITE!! Have an AMAZING day!!

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