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Recycle your Motor Oil

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Motor Oil


Motor Oil


One gallon of motor oil can: Create an oil slick on surface water up to eight acres in size Contaminate one million gallons of freshwater. That is a year s supply of water for 50 people! Render a four-acre area of soil unusable for planting for decades Used motor oil is hazardous. It contains toxic impurities such as lead and cadmium, and can t be disposed of down the drain or in storm sewers. Used motor oil can be recycled into a product that is as good as new oil. It is cleaned, filtered and given new additives. Look for recycled oil at your service station. In the United States-information about recycling used oil, along with a search mechanism for depots, click on: http://www.earth911.org/usa/master.asp?s=lib&a=oil/default.asp More on recycling motor oil in the United States at: http://www.ehow.com/how_9165_recycle-motor-oil.html In Canada only of the approximately 1 billion litres of lubricating oils that are sold in Canada each year, about 500 million litres-about - can be recovered for reuse. However, currently only 200 million litres are actually being recovered. Retailers who sell motor oil must either accept used oil or provide a collection depot within 5 kilometers of their business. Deliver your used oil to your nearest oil retailer for reprocessing. Oil Filters ARE recyclable also. Return them to point of purchase if possible.

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