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Recycle your Cars and Trucks

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Cars and Trucks


Cars and Trucks


Did you know that more than 13 million cars are removed from North America s roads annually? Two out of three removed cars end up contaminating the environment, when 75% of a vehicle s content by weight could have been reused or recycled. (For tips on waste reduction and reuse in car maintenance, see the categories Antifreeze, Batteries and Motor Oil). If you have an old vehicle you would like taken away, consider donating it to the ReinCARnate Vehicle Recycling program, or Rotary Wheels. Your vehicle is removed from your property free of charge, and you receive a charitable tax receipt! Best of all, you know the vehicle will be properly dismantled for parts, fluids, and other reusable materials in an environmentally sensitive manner. For full details, call toll free 1-888-CAR-DIED.

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