What to do with it when you're done with it
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Recycle your Cassette Tapes

Step 1: Your Community is

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Cassette Tapes


Cassette Tapes


Cassette Tapes

Reuse-Must be in good condition

Arc of Clark County
Goodwill Industries
Humane Society's "Paws-n-Claws"
Janus Youth Programs
Share, Inc.
Treasure House


E-Tech Recycling

What is technotrash? Technotrash is all of those various spent supplies and obsolete accessories associated with the technology that we all now have to deal with on a daily basis including: CD's, DVD’s, diskettes, audio and video tapes. Technotrash is collected (see collection sites listed below) and then shipped to GreenDisk (a Washington State company, headquartered in Sammamish Washington). GreenDisk then securely destroys all intellectual property and recycles the materials.

Disposal Options