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Recycle your Aluminum Cleaners

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Aluminum Cleaners


Aluminum Cleaners


Aluminum Cleaners

Hydrofluoric Acid is a highly toxic, highly caustic, colorless, fuming liquid found in Aluminum Cleaners. HYDROFLUORIC ACID IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Upon contact, it destroys the flesh down to the bone as the fluoride ion continues to act until it is neutralized by the calcium in bone. The pain from burns may be delayed for several minutes to several hours, depending upon the concentration. During this time the acid in the aluminum cleaner can burn deeply into the tissue, causing severe burns and possible damage to muscles, ligaments, and bone. If you must use aluminum cleaners with Hydrofluoric Acid, use EXTREME CAUTION. Any aluminum cleaner, with Hydrofluoric Acid as an ingredient, should be disposed of as a hazardous waste.


If you live in Clark County or one of its cities, you may dispose of unwanted household hazardous waste products at any of the following HHW collection sites or events. Eligible senior and citizens with disabilities who are unable to transport HHW to a collection site or event may call (360) 397-6118 ext. 4352 to see if they qualify for a free home pick up. Business-generated hazardous waste will not be accepted.

To dispose of your HHW products at a county-sponsored disposal site:

• Keep HHW products separate (do not mix).
• Bring products in their original containers when possible.
• Seal products to prevent leaks and spills.
• Keep products away from the driver and passengers, i.e., in a trunk, truck bed, or trailer.
• Keep children and pets away from collection sites and events.

• Exceed 25 gallons or 220 pounds of HHW per event.
• Bring unlabeled, empty or leaking containers, asbestos, explosives or ammunition, radioactive or infectious waste, or business-generated waste to the collection site.

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