What to do with it when you're done with it
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Recycle your Camcorders

Step 1: Your Community is

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Reuse-Must be in good condition

Catholic Community Services
Goodwill Industries
Humane Society's "Paws-n-Claws" Thrift Store
Janus Youth Programs
Open House Ministries
Salvation Army


IMS Electronics Recycling

Why recycle? Most electronic waste contain toxins such as lead, cadmium and mercury. By donating your camcorder or other electronics, these toxins are kept out of our landfills. Please donate electronics to a non-profit organization if they are in good working condition. Always call the non-profit before transporting.

Residents of Clark County or its cities may take accepted electronics to the locations below. If you are a business or non-county resident, please call (360) 696-8186.

Disposal Options