What to do with it when you're done with it
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Recycle your Computers

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Computers and televisions can be recycled at the Goodwill Store, 519 Harrison Ave., in Centralia, for free. Take them to the donation door on the side of the building. There is a limit of 5 units per person per day. If you have questions, call Goodwill at 736-3828. Computers and televisions can also be taken to transfer stations in Centralia and Morton. The Centralia facility is located at 1411 S. Tower Ave. and is open Monday through Saturday from 7:30 to 5:30. The Morton transfer station, located at 6745 U.S. Hwy. 12, is open from 8:30 to 5. The fee for computer monitors is $8 each, CPU is $2 each and TVs is $82 each.

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