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Recycle your Fluorescent light bulbs/tubes-includes CFLs

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Fluorescent light bulbs/tubes-includes CFLs


Fluorescent light bulbs/tubes-includes CFLs


Household Hazardous Waste do not place in the garbage.

  • Take to the County Mobile HHW Depot
  • Find out if local retailers will take back for recycling
  • Search for other programs and options at www.takebackthelight.ca

If you have broken fluorescent bulbs/tubes, secure the area around the breakage, open windows to ventilate the area of the broken lamp, and use latex gloves to clean up the broken lamp. Do not place broken glass with your blue box recyclables or regular garbage. Please refer to the Broken Glass Recyclopedia entry for proper disposal instructions.

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Disposal Options

County Mobile HHW Depot
Residential service. Materials accepted at no charge.



Take Back the Light
Service is for the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. Provides a simple low-cost opportunity to send fluorescent lamps to be recycled responsibly.