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Recycle your Christmas lights

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Christmas lights


Christmas lights


Reuse if in good condition and not older than 1990:

  • Donate to charitable organizations
  • Hold a garage sale
  • Sell through consignment shops or classified ads
  • Post on an exchange website (Wellington.Reuses.com)
  • Take to a County Reuse Centre

If in poor condition or older than 1990, place in the garbage. If all bulbs removed, the electrical cords can be placed in the metal bin at the waste facility.

If you have broken Christmas light bulbs, do not place with your blue box recyclables or regular garbage. Please refer to the “Broken Glass” Recyclopedia entry for proper disposal instructions.

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Disposal Options

County Reuse Centres
Provide a last chance to give a second life to items that would otherwise be landfilled. Fees apply to drop off items. No charge to take items. No charge to use the Bulky Item Posting Board.



How Do I Recycle This?
A website with over 900 items and over 14,000 suggestions on how to reuse them in creative ways