What to do with it when you're done with it
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Recycle your Boat

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Reuse if in good condition:

  • Sell or trade-in
  • Donate to charitable organizations
  • Give or sell to a marina (to salvage reusable parts)
  • Post on an exchange website (Wellington.Reuses.com)

For small non-motorized boats in poor condition

  • If primarily made of metal, recycle by using the scrap metal bin at any County waste facility (fees apply) or by checking the yellow pages for scrap metal recyclers or auto wreckers.
  • If made primarily of wood, divert from landfill by taking to one of the following waste facilities for wood chipping: Aberfoyle, Belwood, Harriston, or Riverstown. Fees apply.
  • Otherwise, can be taken to any County waste facility for disposal (fees apply).

For all motorized boats and large non-motorized boats in poor condition

  • Check the yellow pages for scrap metal recyclers or auto wreckers.
  • Take to the Riverstown or Aberfoyle Waste Facility (fees apply).

Remember to remove sewage at the marina.

Remember to remove all Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), such as propane cylinders, antifreeze, batteries, fuel, oil, etc.

  • Take to a County Selected HHW Depot
  • Take to the County Mobile HHW Depot
  • Search for other options at MaketheDrop.ca

Choose from the option(s) below for more information.

Disposal Options

County Mobile HHW Depot
Residential service. Materials accepted at no charge.



County Selected HHW Depots
Residential service. Limits apply. Selected materials accepted at no charge year-round.



County Waste Facilities