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Recycle your Yard waste

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Yard waste


Yard waste


Leaf and Yard Waste Collection programme in Spring and Fall for urban areas only.

  • Must be placed in paper yard waste bags, re-usable containers clearly identified as yard waste, or small tied bundles of branches
  • Each bag, reusable container, or bundle must not exceed 18.2 kg (40 lb)
  • Small tied bundles of branches must be no longer than 90 cm (3') in length

Leaf and yard waste can also be added to a backyard composter.

  • The County sells backyard composters year-round
  • Make your own backyard composter
  • Purchase a composter online or through a local retailer

Try using leaf and yard waste in your garden and yard: grasscycle, shred and spread leaves across your lawn or use organic materials as mulch.

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Backyard Composting



County Leaf and Yard Waste Collection
Service provided to urban areas at no charge.