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Peterborough County



  • Bottles, jugs, food and beverage containers, tubs and lids
  • Plastic containers from hazardous products, drinking straws


  • Clear, green, brown and blue food and beverage bottles
  • Broken glass, ceramic, Pyrex, other dishware


  • Pop cans, pie plates and tin foil
  • Scrap metal


  • Food and beverage cans and tins
  • Scrap metal

Tetra Paks and Drink Cartons

  • Milk containers, juice containers


  • Household papers such as newspapers, inserts, glossy magazines, computer paper, writing paper, fax paper, white envelopes, telephone books, soft covered books, etc.


  • Bristol board, construction paper, file folders, tissue, boxes, cereal boxes (lining removed) and tubes from paper towels


  • Corrugated cardboard, brown paper bags, weekly cardboard pickup

Bags and Packaging

  • Plastic film bags - please place all inside one and tie
  • Chip bags, chocolate bar wrappers, liners from cracker and cereal boxes


  • Styrofoam containers and any other styrofoam materials

Contact information

County of Peterborough
T: 705-775-2737
F: 705-749-2551

General Information

All residents are welcome to use their local municipal recycling depot/transfer station, residents may also use the recycling depot located at 390 Pido Road in Peterborough (open 7 days a week).

Dropping recycling off at the depot can be very useful if you have an unusual amount of recycling, missed your collection day or have saved recyclable materials that are not collected in our curbside recycling program.

The following materials are accepted at the depots for recycling:

  • Plastic plant pots and trays.
  • All regular blue box recyclables.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Cardboard must be tied in bundles no bigger than 30" x 30" x 8" or (75cm x 75cm x 20cm) or placed loose inside your fibres blue box.
  • Set out recycling before 7:30 am (7:00 am in North Kawartha).
  • Place all containers (plastic, glass, metal and steel) loose in your blue box.
  • Make sure all containers are rinsed clean.
  • Place plastic film in one bag and tie, tuck securely into your fibres blue box.
  • Please use a County of Peterborough blue box - our drivers are trained to look for blue boxes and our boxes are specially designed to hook onto our trucks for sorting.
  • No containers in bags.
  • Please crush your aluminum and steel cans and your plastic bottles! By crushing containers we save valuable space on our recycling trucks, one uncrushed item takes up the space of three crushed items.