What to do with it when you're done with it
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Recycle your Clothing

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Shopping at second hand clothing stores is a great way to save money. Clothing you no longer need can be sold on consignment at some Peterborough stores, or donated to a charity (ex. St. Vincent DePaul, Salvation Army, etc.). For a list of second-hand stores look in the yellow pages under “Second-hand Stores”.

Clothes you donate should be clean, and since space is usually limited, it is best to give clothes that are in season. Fasten multi-piece items such as shoes, socks or outfits together. Make sure to call ahead since different locations accept different types of clothing.

The Peterborough Humane Society accepts drop offs of blankets, towels and sheets for use as bedding for animals and for cleaning. They also run a used clothing store in the Northcrest Plaza to raise funds.

There are also several clothing donation boxes located throughout Peterborough.

If the clothing is not suitable for donation, tear into strips and use as rags for cleaning.

Disposal Options