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Recycle your Coat Hangers

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Coat Hangers


Coat Hangers


Many dry cleaners are happy to accept extra coat hangers. Some will accept metal hangers only while others will accept both metal and plastic hangers. Some dry cleaners also accept used plastic garment bags, twist ties and safety pins. Check the yellow pages for a list of dry cleaners near you.

Many used-clothing retailers are also happy to accept coat hangers.

In either case, the hangers must be in good condition, as businesses do not have time to sort through a jumble of hangers and recycle the bent, flimsy ones. Metal hangers in bad shape can be recycled with scrap metal.

Many Transfer Stations in the County of Peterborough have scrap metal drop-off, contact your Township office for details.

If your dry cleaner does not accept plastic hangers, or if you have broken plastic hangers, see the category Styrofoam/Polystyrene for information about plastic clothes hangers.

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