What to do with it when you're done with it
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Recycle your Cosmetics

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All cosmetics (make-up, shampoo, lotion, nail polish and remover etc…) should be treated as hazardous waste. Although it might seem extreme to treat cosmetics this way our landfills and water treatment plants are not equipped to deal with these materials in high concentrations.

Never pour excess cosmetics down the drain, instead to use them up or bring them to the Peterborough City/County Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste Depot at 400 Pido Road or the seasonal MHSW sites free of charge. For locations and hours of operation call County of Peterborough Environmental Services at 705-775-2737 or visit www.county.peterborough.on.ca.

Also look for products that come in refillable or recyclable containers reducing the amount of materials going to landfill.

Disposal Options