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Recycle your Grass Clippings

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Grass Clippings


Grass Clippings


Do not spend your summer bagging grass clippings. When you mow your lawn, leave the clippings on the grass. They contain nitrogen, which will help keep your lawn healthy. For best results, sharpen lawn mower blades regularly, cut the grass when it is dry to prevent clumping of the clippings and cut less than a third of the blade height at a time. Mulching mowers and mulching blades can chop leaves so finely, that you can leave them right on the lawn. Some blades are available that can be retrofitted to most standard lawn mowers. Lawn equipment businesses usually sell these items.

If you let your lawn grow too long before you cut, and have extra clippings, you can compost them, for best results, layer them with dry brown materials such as dry leaves.

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